Kristen Raison hosted Chartered Accountants Australia NZ Pre-Election Panel discussion in Adelaide last night.

Panellists: Anthony Penney – Business SA, Francis Pellizzari – Bank SA and Talis Evans – BDO, provided fantastic insights into what businesses are thinking in the lead up to this year’s South Australian State election.

The discussion looked to engage Business leaders with a view to deciphering policies from each political party. We explored how this may affect the South Australian SME business community.

Minority government was one of the hot discussion points. The audience sought clarification on what this might mean and impacts this may have on doing business in South Australia.

A real area of concern was the conversion to renewables and what cost will be borne by our local businesses.

One thing was agreed, this election is going to be very interesting, with no certainties around who might end up running this wonderful State and who will hold the balance or power.

We all just hope it leads to more growth and positive outlook in the very near future.

Kristen Raison

Photo credit: Photo by Hans-Peter Gauster on Unsplash