Our Programs & Mentoring

Our tailored Programs & Mentoring have been designed to provide individuals and teams with a confidential and safe environment to learn, develop, set goals and become better versions of themselves.

As a result they will grow, establish clear career aspirations and gain momentum with their careers.

  • Global societal crises affect the day to day lives and wellbeing of your people
  • A global workforce that is becoming increasingly unwell
  • Significant and ever-increasing demands on the resilience of leaders to successfully pivot to sudden business challenges
  • Resilience to adapt in real time, retain an impetus for growth andsustained performance for new realities
  • Extensive research provides your organisation with a fresh perspective and blueprint to build resilience, outside of clinical settings, at work
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Our Business Development and Networking Program has been designed to give you the skills needed to build a direct focus on increasing client and staff Advocacy through Business Development.

You will learn the “How to” of building a network, focussing your energy on being client centric rather than desk bound.

It will also help you identify opportunities for your own personal improvement as you build the confidence and resilience required to grow your networks and collaborate with others.

Attendees will participate in:

6 x 2.5-hour sessions (Outcome orientated Homework in between)

All sessions have been designed and presented by our expert facilitators.

The workshops will be held progressively will have a number of guest speakers discuss their individual path to leadership success.


Session 1: 

Taking the initial plunge:

  • Prospecting and Using Your CRM For Leads
  • Qualifying A Lead

Session 2: 

Setting up for success:

  • Making the appointment (the right way)
  • Setting an Agenda

Session 3: 

What’s in a conversation:

  • Communication and Building Trust
  • Self-awareness/Influencing Others
  • Questioning Skills (Uncover Needs and Build Urgency)

Session 4: 

Reading the signals:

  • Recognising a Buying signal
  • Proposals and Pitches

Session 5: 

Successful outcomes for your client and you:

  • Handling Objections
  • Closing Skills

Session 6: (4 hours) 

Putting it all into practice:

  • Delivery: Implementation and Service Basics:
  • Practice of Entire ProgramDelayed


Learn a little more from some of our clients and what they thought of our programs through their testimonials


“We have someone currently participating in the program. We have already seen visible changes in the positive personal development and confidence of this person”

Mark Phelps 

Managing Partner South Australia

Partner Assurance and Risk

Ernst & Young

“I was delighted to have our management teamwork with High Heel Consulting. With responsibility for leading diverse portfolios yet needing to enhance our customer experience, Kristen was able to effectively highlight different approaches to work and how personal brand values underpin these.  An engaging and thought-provoking facilitator, Kristen prompted one manager to reflect that it was one the best workshops they had attended.”

Sam Hellams

Acting General Manager City Services
City of Playford, SA

Individual Mentoring

Our Individual Mentoring is individually tailored to meet the needs of the Professional Mentee.

We provide individuals with a confidential and safe environment to share goals and career aspirations to gain momentum with their careers.

  • Personalised 1 hour sessions
  • Hands on Advice and Guidance
  • Assisting mentees to gain sponsors into roles with employers
  • Sessions either Face to Face (in person) or Virtually via Zoom

Student Mentoring

Our Student 1:1 Mentoring is individually tailored to meet the needs of the Mentee

We prepare you for interviews, what leaders are looking for and provide you with tips and tricks to work you way into having a network of connections for the next role.

  • Personalised 1 hour sessions
  • Hands on Advice and Guidance for students
  • Sponsor into roles with employers

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