Resilience Coaching in the Workplace

What is resilience?

Resilience assists staff to remain productive and focussed in workplaces or situations undergoing change, dealing with complex and pressured situations.  Examples below highlight situations whereby Employees and Teams need to:

  • Stay productive despite increasing demands often being required to do more with less
  • Adapt to and thrive in constant change and periods of uncertainty
  • Master the stress of everyday job pressures
  • Ensure physical and emotional wellbeing is not compromised – making performance sustainable over the longer term.
Kristen is a Resilience at Work (R@W) Accredited Coach and Educator.

Resilience at Work focused sessions are available for individuals or teams on request. 

For further information regarding sessions or our programs please contact Kristen on email or mobile: 0488 440 500.

Test your Resilience

You can test your Resilience with the Resilience At Work tool -(RAW) Scale. This is a validated psychological measure of employee resilience in the work place. You can Download a sample copy of the report here.

Simply fill out the get in touch form below to receive a link to access the online assessment and to book a time to review your results.

The next step will be to develop a plan to leverage your strengths to build in the areas that are indicated as needing further development to build your resilience.

Full details of the research behind the R@W Scale were published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Environmental Medicine in 2013: *A Practical Measure of Workplace Resilience Developing the Resilience at Work Scale Peter C. Winwood, PhD, Rochelle Colon, M Org Psych, and Kath McEwen, B Psych (Hons)

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