Finance Fundamentals

Take control of your Finance Journey, setting GOALS and a clear PLAN on how to succeed.

Educating You about Money!

Kristen is leading the way to coach and educate Students and Women around the importance of understanding the fundamentals of Money.

By setting your children on a path to learning and valuing Money you are providing them with valuable insights and expertise not taught at school or in the workplace.


From an early age kids plan for money, spend money, save money, donate money, lend money, borrow money, invest money.

Money can bring freedom, Money can bring choice, Money can bring opportunity, Money can bring confidence.

It can also destroy lives.

What kids learn about money today will change their tomorrow.

Right now we have the opportunity to shape the financial futures of the next generation.

Did you know?

By the age of seven, children will have developed some of the financial behaviour that they will take into adulthood?

We’re on a mission to inspire and educate future entrepreneurs, innovators and change makers to create infinite savings possibilities. Finance Fundamentals is just the start of our journey to a new world of saving ideas and transformation, leading to great savings skills.

“Teaching YOU how to think and act Smarter about Money”