Business Strategy
& Planning

We see transformation as a true partnership with your organisation and one where we instil the rigour and problem solving capabilities to create lasting improvement

Working with you on
Business Strategy & Planning

We bring structure and analytical capabilities to the table and work with your corporate and business unit teams to develop commercially sound and implementable strategies

What Is Your Path to Success?

How are you going to win in the period ahead?

That’s the key question behind developing strategy.

“success is not final ; failure is not fatal” Winston Churchill

Working with Boards:
Review your Directors, Performance, Remuneration

No individual or team can expect to improve without obtaining regular feedback on their performance. Boards of directors are no exception and an effective board performance evaluation is an invaluable tool in improving your board’s performance. 

familiarity breeds complacency


“I am delighted to offer this glowing testimonial for the work High Heel Consulting has done for Tennis SA.  We have hired High Heel Consulting to do a number of strategic projects for Tennis SA and have found all work to be of very high quality. 

In particular, High Heel Consulting assisted us with a project regarding “Unconscious Bias” at our Club Development Conference at which we invited all of clubs to attend.  Our attendees found the session incredibly useful and it was one of the favourites on the day.  Thank you High Heel Consulting for everything you have done for Tennis SA.”

Steve Baldas

CEO Tennis SA

“Weak Leadership can wreck the Soundest Strategy”