The Career Ripple effect:

Meaning, is the notion that a single action has an effect over several different entities or outcomes.

Recently we have been working with professionals who have been “displaced or dislocated” due to the wonderful world of internal restructures. These days Companies seem to be making these decisions more often than they used too. It seems to be happening in so many industries that once would be immune, which leads to understanding the Ripple effect and making the most from it.

What has been your Ripple Effect?

Working with these professionals and coaching them on being proactive with their career ALWAYS.

Don’t be the one who is left scrambling if you find yourself in this situation.

Be prepared for the unknown and take back control of YOU!

Start your own ripple effect:

Make sure you have current Bio and CV. Use it like a live working document, this is paramount, update it often.

Make sure it sells/tells potential employers your skills in a very clearly articulated way (No waffle)

Make sure you think about ALL of your skills not only the ones you are possibly performing in your current position. What makes YOU shine?

If you volunteer sell that message,

If you are a bookkeeper for your family business tell it

If you work on a committee for a school or sporting club mention this

Differentiate yourself, make yourself relevant and show you have cross over skills. Leveraging cross over skills when changing careers or jobs is your most important persuasion tool to gain acceptance in job interviews. Cross over skills are those you’ve gathered through jobs, classes, volunteer work, hobbies, sports, projects, parenting, or any other life experience that can be valuable in your new career.

The ripple is spreading:

The most crucial: Be/Get connected, Refine your brand and Build Relationships with everyone you meet.  Remember 1st impressions count – you must nail it.

What are your top 5 must have’s in a role? Do you know? Are you stuck in a rut anyway, are you really ready for a change. Write down your 5, check them, then work towards obtaining them. Maybe just maybe the ripple effect is actually you taking back control and finding what you are really passionate about and doing that!


Revisit your network often! Who are your supporters? Who are your mentors? Who are the people, when it boils down, that are there for YOU?

Reach out and take ownership of YOU.

Kristen Raison – HHC