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At H.H.C, we combine our Expertise, Insights and Skills to transform your processes & strategies and in turn, your company. Having broad experience allows us to tailor the prospectus to suit your business or personal needs, while having the flexibly to stretch as your business grows.

Whether you’re an Organisation looking to Improve & Grow or an Individual looking for Leadership Coaching & Change  – you’re in the right place.


Bringing Diversity of Thought to your business

Kristen Raison


High Heel Consulting

Top Service for Business & Professionals

We recognise there is no single approach to address the complex issues facing business leaders today.

We partner with you, your business & your teams to implement solutions that are optimal for your business, your staff and your stakeholders.

Are you looking for a Professional Speaker or MC for your Corporate event? 

With over 20 years experience in hosting events and Panel discussions, we are here to work with you and your organisation to achieve interactive and informative sessions.

Our clients

Client Testimonials

“Hi Kristen,
I just wanted to thank you for your time and effort in putting those workshops together. The safe environment you create which allows everyone to share their thoughts and express their feelings in a comfortable manner is second to none. I take away a nugget of gold after each session and you have given me more confidence to apply certain skills in my day to day life. You have helped me find that healthy balance to get the most out of the coaches when they come to workshops and you have helped me reflect on the way I deal with different types of people which has strengthened my relationship with key stakeholders.

The most powerful message for me has been seeing your confidence, how you back yourself in tough situations. Thank you for being such a strong, empowering and compassionate role model for women.


Amy Sneath
Coach Development Coordinator | Tennis SA”


Kristen Raison Business Mentor
Kristen Raison - CEO